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Proficient Immigration Law Attorneys Proudly Serving Calexico, CA

Immigration issues can be difficult to handle alone. Castillo & Associates are here to help you through your case. The law firm proudly represents clients in Southern California, including the Inland Empire.

Castillo & Associates attorneys

At Castillo & Associates, the dedicated team of attorneys are highly versed in a wide range of immigration matters. The law firm is proud to serve Calexico, California. Todos hablamos Español.

Whether migrating to the U.S. to reunite with family, flee persecution, compete in athletics, or establish a career, hiring a knowledgeable attorney who is experienced in immigration law can help win a case. Castillo & Associates has the resources needed to handle the most complex immigration case. The law firm has offices located throughout Southern California and is prepared to advocate on behalf of foreign nationals. Proudly serving the cities of Brawley, Calipatria, El Centro, and Imperial Valley, contacting Castillo & Associates is easy by calling (760) 357-0032. A free 15-minute consultation can also be obtained by completing the contact form today. 

  • What are the steps to obtain a green card?
  • What if I lost important legal documents I will need to be employed in the U.S.?

Dealing with the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) can be incredibly stressful and confusing. Castillo & Associates understand that the legal process can be prolonged because of errors committed by USCIS, limited visa availability, and even backlog delays. 

Castillo & Associates is a law firm that has many years of dedicated service representing clients facing complicated immigration law issues. The dedicated law firm is equipped with the right skills and commitment to fight for the rights of their clients, making sure that they have the opportunity to achieve a successful case. No matter the immigration situation, Castillo & Associates can provide the aggressive advocacy every foreign national deserves

Castillo & Associates are well-versed in:

  • Naturalization 
  • Consular Processing
  • Permanent Residence
  • Petition for Alien Fiancé
  • Affidavit of Support forms
  • Petition for Alien Relative
  • Green Card & Work Permits
  • Application for Naturalization
  • Petition for Special Immigrant (Wava)
  • Application for Certificate of Citizenship
  • Application for Employment Authorization
  • Petition to Remove Condition of Residence
  • Application Supplement A under Section 245i
  • Application to Request Permanent Resident Card
  • Waiver Application of grounds of inadmissibility
  • Application for Citizenship and issuance of Certificate
  • Application for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver
  • Legal Permanent Residency based on Close-Relative Relationships
  • Application for an Action on an Approved Application or Petition
  • DACA – Deferred Action for Dreamers (Initial applications and renewal requests)
  • Petition for Replacement of Naturalization/Citizenship Document
  • Application to Register Permanent Resident Status or Adjustment of Status
  • Petition for Replacement or Initial Nonimmigrant U.S. Arrival- Departure Records

Hire an Immigration Attorney

The immigration process can be rigorous and it can be further complicated because of the following:Immigration logo

  • The law is always changing, which means the process is always evolving as well.  
  • The changes in law can make it difficult for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to manage the system. 
  • Immigration applications can be confusing and they can require the support of a knowledgeable  immigration law attorney. 

When facing immigration matters, avoiding mistakes is important as this may lead to unnecessary challenges. Hire an experienced attorney to avoid these preventable mistakes. 

Nonimmigrant Visas: The R-1 Religious Worker Visa

R-1 nonimmigrants are foreign nationals seeking to arrive in the United States temporarily to be employed at least part time as a minister or other religious occupation and be hired by a bona fide not-for-profit religious organization. 

Examples of religious occupations eligible for an R-1 visa include, but are not limited to:

  • Monks; 
  • Nuns; and
  • Religious brothers and sisters. 

Qualifications Necessary for Obtaining an R-1 Religious Worker Visa

In order to obtain a religious worker visa, the foreign national must be seeking employment in the country on a temporary basis. Additionally, the foreign worker must be seeking at least part-time employment, an average of a minimum of 20 hours per week. The work offered must be provided by a bona fide not-for-profit religious organization in the United States or a bona fide organization that is associated with the religion. 

Necessary Documents to Petition for an R-1 Visa

The foreign national and the religious organization hiring the worker must file specific documents. Every petition for an R-1 visa must include the following:

  • An affirmation letter from the Internal Revenue Service confirming the organization’s tax-exempt status;
  • An Employer Attestation, submitted as a supplemental form to the I-129 Form; 
  • Proof of how the foreign worker will be paid by the religious organization; 
  • Proof of the foreign worker’s membership in the religion for a period of at least two years before the petition was filed; and
  • Proof that the foreign worker has the skills and qualifications necessary to perform the duties required by the position sought. 

When the position to be filled involves that of minister, it is necessary to also submit a certificate of ordination along with proof that the foreign worker meets the requirements to perform the position. 

The petition for an R-1 religious worker visa could be denied or delayed if required documentation is not submitted. All supporting evidence must be turned in with the initial application. 

The Application Process

Once the petition for an R-1 religious worker visa has been filed by the religious organization, the following should also be submitted along with the organization’s attestation:

  • An IRS letter confirming the religion’s tax-exempt status; 
  • An employer attestation, which is supplemental to Form I-129; 
  • Evidence of how the foreign worker will be compensated; 
  • Evidence that the foreign worker has been a member of the religion for a minimum of two years prior to the filing for an R-1 religious worker visa; and
  • Evidence that the worker is qualified to fill the offered position. 

When the open position concerns that of the minister, it is critical that a certificate of ordination be filed along with the initial petition for an R-1 visa. In addition, the petition should also include evidence that the would-be worker is qualified to fill such a position. 

Expenses Associated With the Filing Process

The final cost of obtaining an R-1 religious worker visa can depend on several factors. Generally, the filing process can involve the following expenses:

  • Filing fee of Form I-129 – $460; 
  • Premium Processing fee – $1,500; and/or
  • Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application fee – $190. 

R-1 Visa Processing 

The processing time of an R-1 visa will be contingent on a number of factors. It is important to visit the USCIS website for more details about R-1 visa processing times. 

Form I-907: Premium Processing 

Premium processing is a service available to petitioning employers who have already completed a successful on-site inspection in the past. For more information regarding premium processing, visit the USCIS website. 

R-1 Visa Validity Period

An approved R-1 religious worker visa can be approved for a maximum stay of five years, in increments of 30 months. The time allowed to remain in the country under an R-1 status will not be affected if the foreign national spends time outside of the country.

R-1 Status May Be Extended

The R-1 visa can only be extended for a maximum period of five years. The initial stay will be of 30 months and it may be extended after. It is important that foreign nationals remain vigilant of the time they are allowed to stay. If they remain in the United States longer than allowed under the R-1 visa status, they could be banned from returning to the country. Further, they also face deportation from the country. 

R-2 Visas

Children and spouses of R-1 visa holders can petition for an R-2 visa. With an R-2 visa status, the relative can remain in the country for the same time as the foreign worker. 

R-2 visa holders cannot seek employment while in the country. They also cannot accept employment under this visa status. 

On-Site Investigations

On-site investigations are conducted by the federal government to ensure R-1 visa petitions are not fraudulent. The inspections are also conducted to determine if the application is in technical violation of the law.  

Compassionate Immigration Law Representation 

Building a better future involves hard work and tremendous sacrifice, and the prominent attorneys at Castillo & Associates are well aware of this. Whether a foreign national is looking to reunite with family or is attempting to reach a permanent resident status, Castillo & Associates is equipped to provide the professional assistance needed. The law firm utilizes creativity, compassion, and strength to represent clients of every background and walks of life.  

Years of Success Handling Complex Immmigration Cases

Facing an immigration issue can be a frightening experience. For this reason, the legal representative that is hired to handle the case matters greatly. At Castillo & Associates the law firm has an established reputation handling complex immigration cases. The law firm recognizes immigration issues have great importance to families and the future of those affected is at stake. Conveniently located in SoCal, Castillo & Associates is positioned to help achieve a favorable case outcome. 

Proud to Represent the Inland Empire in a Variety of Immigration Cases

For many years, foreign nationals seeking trustworthy legal representation to handle their immigration case have chosen to obtain the support of Castillo & Associates. Dedicated to the field of immigration law, Castillo & Associates has built a reputation for success. The committed immigration law firm takes pride in providing individuals seeking permanent residence or U.S. citizenship compassionate and competent legal representation. 

Schedule a consultation by calling (760) 357-0032 or completing the contact form today. *The dedicated law firm offers a complimentary 15-minute consultation after which a consultation fee will be applied. The law firm is proud to serve the cities of Brawley, Calipatria, El Centro, and Imperial Valley.

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