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Experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Calexico, California

Pedestrian AccidentOver 30 years of advocating for victims’ right to compensation.

According to the California Department of Human Health, while the number of people who choose to walk to their destination is increasing across the nation, so is the rate of pedestrian fatalities. The California Office of Traffic Safety reports that in 2018, the number of pedestrian fatalities in California totaled 893. The agency also reports that seniors are among the most susceptible to being fatally injured in pedestrian accidents. In 2018, a total of 195 pedestrians over the age of 65 lost their lives in traffic accidents. 

Unlike most traffic accident victims, pedestrians are particularly susceptible to serious injuries because they completely lack any form of protective gear when walking down the street. In most cases, the best form of protection a pedestrian can employ is taking preventative measures. Still, as careful as a person is to avoid being struck by a vehicle, the reality is that it is difficult to predict how safe and cautious drivers will be. When a pedestrian is struck by a car, large commercial vehicle, or motorcycle, it is likely that the pedestrian will suffer catastrophic, or even fatal injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents Demand Skillful Legal Representation

A pedestrian accident that is caused as a result of another’s reckless or negligent behavior, the ability to recover compensation for the injuries sustained can be possible by filing a personal injury claim. Pedestrian accidents can be challenging cases, depending on who the at-fault party is. After an accident, obtain legal counsel from an experienced attorney. 

For over 30 years, Attorney Domingo Castillo has been in the insurance claims industry. As a prior insurance claims adjuster and senior claims examiner, he has handled thousands of cases for insurance carriers like Allstate, Cigna and many more. With a professional portfolio that includes triumphantly bringing justice to more than 10,000 clients in Calexico, CA including Imperial Valley, El Centro, Brawley, Calipatria and all neighboring communities, the attorneys at Castillo & Associates are exceptional leaders in their respective field. Consider obtaining a free case evaluation with the firm today. 

Common Causes of Pedestrian vs. Auto Accidents

Far too often, people are struck by motorists who fail to exercise enough caution on the road. Although some accidents can be caused by an extenuating event, such as adverse climate, a glare, or bad roadway conditions, a majority of accidents are caused by reckless driving. Common examples of this can include:

  • Driving too fast for weather conditions, 
  • Driving while under the influence of an intoxicating substance, 
  • Driving while using a cellphone, 
  • Driving while eating,
  • Driving while sleep deprived, 
  • Attempting to pass a school bus, and
  • Ignoring street signs, such as school zones and crosswalks

People can do what they can to prevent being struck by a vehicle, such as wearing reflective clothing and crossing only at designated crosswalks. Nonetheless, when an accident happens, the pedestrian accident victim can seek reparations for his or her damages. 

Damages Available Through a PedestrianAccident Claim

When being injured in an accident, pedestrians can seek to recover the following damages:

  • Accumulated costs for medical treatment, 
  • Cost of ambulance ride, 
  • Prescription medication costs, 
  • Expected future medical expenditures,
  • Loss of income, 
  • Loss of earning potential, 
  • Permanent disability, 
  • Loss of limb or amputation, 
  • Emotional distress, 
  • Pain and suffering, 
  • Property damage, and/or 
  • Wrongful death 

In the Aftermath of a Pedestrian Accident, Seek the Legal Guidance of an Experienced Attorney

Undeniably, pedestrian vs. auto accidents can easily result in serious, often deadly injuries. If you or a loved one has been struck by a vehicle, there may be an opportunity to recover reparations for the injuries suffered. After an accident, it is important to quickly seek the legal support of a skilled personal injury attorney. Although California allows for up to two years from the accident to file a case, important evidence can be lost when the investigation process is not commenced straight away. 

Following a pedestrian accident, discuss your legal options with a skilled personal injury attorney who will defend your right to a full monetary compensation. 

The exceptionally experienced litigators at Castillo & Associates have helped well over 10,000 accident victims recover monetary compensation for their grievances. With more than 30 years of dedicated experience, the attorneys at Castillo & Associates understand what is needed to build a strong claim against negligent wrongdoers. After a pedestrian accident, it is critically important to seek the legal support of an attorney who can defend the right to maximum compensation. Contact the attorneys at Castillo & Associates to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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