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City of Indio Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Pedestrian vs. auto accidents usually lead to catastrophic injuries. An experienced attorney can help recover the financial compensation owed.

pedestrian passing byAccording to the California Office of Traffic Safety, or OTS, there were a total of 893 pedestrian fatalities across the state in 2018. Additionally, OTS reports that there is currently an increase in fatalities among pedestrians over the age of 65. 

One of the main causes of pedestrian accidents is that of driver inattentiveness. In today’s fast paced society, it can be very easy for a person to become distracted while driving. Driver distraction can result from eating while driving, texting, talking on the cellphone, or simply looking at another place that is not the road right in front. Whatever the distraction may be, when a driver fails to pay attention to the road, the consequences can be dire for those around.

Obtain the Support of an Attorney with Exceptional Legal Experience

If you were recently injured after being struck by a negligent driver, you may have an opportunity to recover financial compensation. Filing a personal injury claim for compensation, however, can be a challenge, especially when the at-fault driver is blaming you for causing the accident. In effort of protecting your rights and interests, obtain the legal support of a skilled personal injury attorney. 

For over 30 years, Attorney Domingo Castillo has been in the insurance claims industry. As a prior insurance claims adjuster and senior claims examiner, he has handled thousands of cases for insurance carriers like Allstate, Cigna and many more. With a professional portfolio that includes triumphantly bringing justice to more than 10,000 clients in Indio, CA including Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indian Wells, Cathedral City and all neighboring communities, the attorneys at Castillo & Associates are exceptional leaders in their respective field. Consider obtaining a free case evaluation with the firm today. 

Pedestrian Accident Cases – Types of Compensation Available

Following a pedestrian accident caused by another’s negligent behaviors, the ability to recover compensation can be achieved through a personal injury claim. Compensation can be obtained for both economic and non-economic grievances. 

Economic Damages

Compensation for economic damages can cover past, present, and future medical expenses associated with the accident. It can also cover the past, present, and future loss of income and/or earning capacity. In the event of a permanent injury, where the victim can no longer return to his or her original occupation, compensation may be attainable for the inability to earn an income. 

Non-Economic Damages

An injured pedestrian may be able to recover compensation for a wide range of intangible losses. This can include emotional distress, pain and suffering, inconvenience caused by the accident, physician impairment, disfigurement, embarrassment, and other non-pecuniary grievances. 

For a majority of victims, it can be challenging to put a price on these grievances, but obtaining a fair settlement will depend on the ability to do so. Depending on the facts of each individual case, such as the extent of the injury, and whether the victim’s life has been completely changed after the accident, the monetary value of a non-economic loss can be in the millions. 

Pedestrian Accidents that Result in Wrongful Death

As previously mentioned, a pedestrian vs. auto accident can result in catastrophic injuries, but it can also often lead to the victim’s death. When a pedestrian has succumbed to his or her injuries, the victim’s family members may have legal standing to file a wrongful death claim for the untimely death of their loved one. 

Damages available through a wrongful death claim are similar to those available in a personal injury claim. The victim’s family, however, will be able to also obtain compensation for losses associated with the burial costs of the victim including the pain of losing their loved one. 

Following a Pedestrian Accident, Get Help From a Compassionate Attorney

Today, a leading cause of pedestrian accidents is that of driver distraction. When a pedestrian vs. auto accident occurs, the pedestrian is likely to suffer catastrophic injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury, broken legs, spinal cord injury, or even death. 

In a majority of cases, the pedestrian will sustain catastrophic injuries that can lead to a lifetime of pain and agony. Unfortunately, catastrophic injuries are expensive and can cause the pedestrian and his or her family serious financial hardship. Following a pedestrian accident, it is important to get legal help from a law firm that has the right experience. 

For more than 30 years, the attorneys at Castillo & Associates have worked tirelessly to help victims obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Following a pedestrian accident, consider scheduling a no-cost consultation with the attorneys at Castillo & Associates today. 


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