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Skilled Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Serving Corona, CA

After a workplace accident, you deserve financial compensation for your recovery. Speak to a knowledgeable attorney today.

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Castillo & Associates are highly experienced workers’ compensation lawyers serving Corona, CA. Todos hablamos Español.

California’s workers’ compensation system was designed to ensure workers who are injured while on the job obtain immediate medical treatment and income replacement for at least a portion of their wages. To receive benefits, workers do not have to prove fault for the accident. Although this system is supposed to provide automatic benefits to those who qualify, the reality is that the system does not always operate as well as it should, and many injured workers are often left without the benefits they need in their recovery process. 

If you have been injured while at work, you should know that you have legal rights that may protect your right to workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to obtain benefits, as employers and their insurance companies can sometimes work to provide the least amount of compensation possible. To ensure maximum benefits are recovered after a workplace injury, obtaining the support of a skilled workers’ compensation law firm is required. 

The Support of an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Law Firm Matters

Castillo & Associates is well-positioned to serve clients throughout the Greater LA area, including the Inland Empire. The skilled workers’ compensation law firm can help you navigate the often challenging claims process and stand up for your rights as an injured worker. The firm is equipped to help you obtain medical care promptly, ensure you obtain a proper medical evaluation, and file the necessary paperwork on your behalf. 

Insurance companies are notorious for taking every opportunity they have to either reduce or deny benefits. By obtaining the support of a qualified workers’ compensation attorney, you will make sure your case is taken seriously. With the guidance and counsel of a skilled attorney, the insurance company will not get away with offering minimum benefits that fail to cover your needs. Instead, your attorney will ensure you obtain maximum benefits, including appropriate medical care, temporary or permanent disability benefits, and lump-sum payment options. To obtain the legal support you serve, consider scheduling a no-obligation consultation with the attorneys at Castillo & Associates by calling (951) 552-9181 or filling out the online contact form today. 

Collecting Workers’ Compensation Benefits After an Injury

In California, an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will pay for the medical expenses accrued as a result of the job-related injury. These expenses will be covered only when the injury has been reported and the expenses have been authorized. Additionally, the medical care provider should be retained from the insurance’s medical provider network. 

When the injury has resulted in disability, temporary disability benefits can be provided to the worker. If the injury has caused a permanent impairment, partial impairment, or a complete incapacity, permanent disability benefits may be obtained. Permanent disability benefits will be based on the degree of impairment. 

Reasons for Denial on a Workers’ Compensation Claim

There are many reasons an employer or the insurance company may refuse to pay workers’ compensation benefits. Although some reasons for the rejection can be legitimate, such as the injury being caused as a result of intoxication in the workplace, there are also unjustifiable reasons. 

One of the most common reasons why benefits are denied is because the employer or their insurance company believes the injury was not caused by a work-related accident. Other reasons for a claim denial include the following:

  • The employer has failed to submit the required documents to their insurance company;
  • The employer has terminated the worker after the workers’ compensation claim was filed;
  • The employer did not offer alternative work or “supplemental job displacement benefits”; 
  • The insurance company has rejected the claim based on a “lack of evidence” that the injury exists; 
  • The employer’s doctor has failed to recognize the extent of the injury; or
  • The injury did not require medical treatment

Contact a Skilled Law Firm for Support

Even though the workers’ compensation system in California was designed so that there is no need to get an attorney involved to file a claim, getting the legal support of a qualified attorney can be necessary to ensure the right benefits are secured. Unfortunately, some employers and their insurance companies utilize deceitful tactics to underpay an injured worker or deny benefits altogether. If your employer is refusing to pay your benefits or if you have reason to believe you are not receiving the benefits you deserve, contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for support. 

At Castillo & Associates, advocating on behalf of injured workers is of utmost priority. The firm excels in the most complex workers’ compensation cases throughout Southern California. After a job-related incident has caused you harm, you will need to obtain the support of a qualified law firm to obtain the benefits you deserve. Consider obtaining the assistance of Castillo & Associates. To schedule a complimentary consultation with the firm, call (951) 552-9181 or complete the private online contact form today. 

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