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Proficient Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Serving Jurupa Valley

Work-related accidents can have a variety of negative consequences. Allow a well-practiced attorney to advocate on your behalf.

Castillo & Associates attorneys

Castillo & Associates are highly experienced workers’ compensation lawyers serving Jurupa Valley, CA. Todos hablamos Español.

Work-related accidents can be incredibly painful, emotional, and confusing. When a workplace injury takes place, injured workers must take the necessary steps that will protect their rights to workers’ compensation insurance benefits. 

In the State of California, when a person is injured while at work, workers’ compensation benefits may be obtained. The purpose of workers’ compensation is to help those who have been injured heal and elevate their quality of life while in recovery. Although the workers’ compensation system is set to provide immediate relief for injured employees, the process to obtain benefits is not always easy. Unfortunately, the process to obtain benefits can often be challenging and lengthy, where a simple mistake can result in treatment denial, claim denial, or lessened benefits award. 

Obtain the Support of a Compassionate Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you or someone you love has been injured while completing a work-related task, it is necessary to consider obtaining the support of a qualified workers’ compensation attorney. An experienced attorney will evaluate the case and ensure the highest compensation is obtained. 

The compassionate workers’ compensation attorneys at Castillo & Associates understand the difficulty and challenges injured workers face. They know that after a workplace injury, an employee can encounter high medical costs and suffer the consequences of the loss of income. For reasons like these, the proficient attorneys at Castillo & Associates are prepared to vigorously champion on behalf of their clients and ensure they receive maximum compensation. To schedule a no-obligation case evaluation, consider contacting Castillo & Associates by calling (951) 552-9181 or filling out the completely private online form today. 

What You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation in California

It is not uncommon for an injured employee to feel confused when it comes to the workers’ compensation claim process. Even though the State of California provides workers with information with regard to insurance provisions, a vast majority of employers fail to inform their employees about what rights they have when injured while at work. Although insurance provisions can vary, it is important to be informed of the following:

1. When it comes to filing a claim, there are strict time limits you should be aware of.

Workers’ compensation claims operate under very strict deadlines, where the failure to abide by these deadlines can result in a loss of benefits. In most cases, an injury will need to be reported within 30 days of the discovery of the injury. Once the injury has been reported to an employer, the employer will have to report the injury to the company’s insurance carrier within 10 days. 

2. Workers’ compensation is not set to reimburse a full salary.

Under California law, workers’ compensation benefits are not set to cover an injured worker’s full salary. Instead, benefits are set to reimburse the worker for the loss of income up to two-thirds of their gross weekly earnings. 

3. Workers’ compensation is not permanent.

Depending on the severity of the injury, the maximum amount of time an injured person can receive benefits is 104 weeks within five years. When a worker suffers a serious injury, however, he or she may qualify for up to 240 weeks of benefits. In certain cases, it may be possible to be awarded lifelong benefits. 

4. You cannot be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Employers in the State of California cannot terminate an injured worker for filing a workers’ compensation claim. If this happens, this would be considered an unlawful termination and could also be an unlawful act of retaliation. When an injury results in the inability to work, an employer may no longer be able to provide employment. In this scenario, it is possible to receive workers’ compensation benefits for new job training and/or benefits for the loss of wages. 

Hire the Support of a Qualified Attorney

A workplace injury can have life-changing consequences. If you or someone you love was injured while at work, it is necessary to seek the legal support of a qualified workers’ compensation attorney. While the workers’ compensation system has been set up to help injured workers in their time of need, many factors could affect a person’s ability to recover compensation. Whether you are just filing a claim or have been denied benefits, if you have been injured at work, hire the guidance of a well-versed workers’ compensation attorney right away. 

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Castillo & Associates are exceptionally versed in handling the most complex injury claims in California. To schedule a no-obligation consultation with the firm, call (951) 552-9181 or fill out the online contact form today. 

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