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Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys in the City of Riverside

slip & fallHolding negligent parties accountable since 1999.

Slip and fall accident cases fall under the umbrella of premises liability law. Premises liability is an area of law that concerns property owners’ legal duties and responsibilities when it comes to safety toward residents and property visitors. Quite often, people are not responsible for an injury that results as a consequence of a poorly maintained property. 

One of the most common forms of premises liability accidents occurs in the form of slip and fall accidents. When a slip and fall occurs because of the owner’s lack of concern over the safety of others in the property, the owner can face liability for the accident. 

If you or someone you love recently suffered a slip and fall accident, it may be possible to hold the property owner responsible for the injuries sustained. Discuss your legal options with a skilled attorney as soon as possible. 

When a Slip and Fall Accident Occurs, Fight For Your Right to a Fair Compensation

A slip and fall accident can lead to very serious injuries, and it is important to know that reparations may be available through a premises liability claim. A slip and fall victim can sustain injuries ranging from scrapes and bruises to broken bones and serious head trauma. Consequently, these injuries can result in expensive medical costs, prescription medications, and at-home treatment. When a slip and fall accident transpires, seek appropriate legal counsel immediately. 

The premises liability attorneys at Castillo & Associates are exceptionally skilled in slip and fall accident cases. With more than 30 years of legal experience, the firm has experience successfully handling a variety of multi million dollar cases in Riverside, CA including Corona, Jurupa Valley, Eastvale, Norco, Moreno Valley, Grand Terrace, Temecula and all neighboring communities. The attorneys at Castillo & Associates are ready to take action in your case; consider contacting the law firm today for a free initial consultation

Establishing Liability in a Slip and Fall Accident Can Be Difficult

Regrettably, slip and fall litigation can often be complex, as cases usually involve extensive investigation to establish liability. Generally, slip and fall accident victims will need to demonstrate the following in order to recover damages:

  • The owner of the property, or other party, was careless in ensuring the property was reasonably safe; 
  • The disregard toward safety was the proximate cause in the slip and fall accident; and
  • The slip and fall accident victim sustained injuries and other damages as a result. 

Proving the owner’s negligence is essential in a successful slip and fall case. Negligence in a case can be established by demonstrating that the owner owed the accident victim a duty of care, but he or she breached said duty. As an accident victim, the duty of care you were owed by the owner of the property at the time of the accident will depend on whether you were a trespasser or an invitee to the property. 

Property owners owe those who were lawfully in their property a duty to inspect their property for hazardous conditions, make necessary repairs within a reasonable time frame, and to also warn about the potential for dangerous conditions. 

The following are a few ways a duty of care can be breached:

  • The owner failed to post warning signs to alert others about freshly waxed or mopped floors; 
  • The owner failed to perform reasonable maintenance to ensure walkway surfaces were safe; 
  • The property owner failed to provide tenants with sufficient parking lot lighting; 
  • Property management failed to perform regular inspections of the premises to identify hazardous conditions; or
  • Property management did not clean up a spilled drink within a reasonable amount of time.

The City of Riverside Premises Liability Attorneys You Can Depend On

Suffering a slip and fall accident can cause serious injuries that can lead to a lifetime of distress, such as physical pain and financial hardship. When an accident occurs because of the property owner’s negligence, there may be an opportunity to recover a settlement for the damages sustained. If you or a loved one suffered a slip and fall accident, obtaining the legal support of a qualified attorney can help maximize the settlement offer. 

The skilled litigators at Castillo & Associates are highly experienced in slip and fall cases. Since 1999, the firm has helped well over 10,000 accident victims recover the compensation they needed to make a healthy recovery. Following a slip and fall accident, obtaining the support of a proficient litigator is imperative; seek the legal support of the attorneys at Castillo & Associates today. 

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