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Obtaining workers’ compensation benefits can be more difficult than you expected. Hire a San Diego work injury attorney who can defend your right to compensation.

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Castillo & Associates is a workers’ compensation law firm in San Diego, CA serving clients in Chula Vista, Oceanside, Escondido, Carlsbad and has 5 offices to serve clients throughout Southern California. In addition to our workers’ comp practice, we help people throughout San Diego County with personal injury matters. Whether you were injured on the job or not, Castillo & Associates can help answer your questions and help get your life back on track.

A work-related accident can result in pain, confusion, and even emotional distress. If you have been injured while on the job, it is important for you to seek the legal support of an attorney who can protect your right to a fair compensation. 

When filing a claim, many injured workers find that they have been either denied benefits or have received an insufficient amount of benefits. Speak to an attorney who will protect your rights throughout the entire claims process. Even if you are denied benefits, a skilled workers’ comp lawyer in San Diego, CA can help you appeal the decision. 

Obtain the Legal Support You Need to Obtain the Benefits You Deserve

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In California, workers’ compensation exists to help workers who have been injured while performing a work-related duty. Additionally, it also helps those who have developed an illness because of work. The benefits provided by workers’ compensation are set to help workers heal from their injury by providing medical care and compensation for their time taken off work while in recovery. 

The process to obtain benefits, unfortunately, is a complex and lengthy process, where a simple mishap can result in a claim denial, unexpected delays, or reduced benefits. 

As prior insurance claims adjuster and senior claims examiner, attorney Domingo Castillo has handled thousands of cases for insurance carriers such as Allstate, Cigna and more. With more than 30 years of being in the insurance claims industry, the San Diego work injury attorneys at Castillo & Associates are exceptional leaders in their respective field. Consider scheduling a free case evaluation with the firm today. 

Common Types of Workers’ Compensation Cases

A workers’ compensation claim can be filed when a worker has been involved in an accident at work and has suffered injuries as a result of the accident. Workers can also file a claim when they have developed an illness because of an overexposure at work. The following are common types of workers’ compensation cases:

  • Construction accidents
  • Amazon warehouse injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Heavy machinery injuries
  • Burns
  • Electrocution
  • Roofing accidents & falls

Benefits Typically Offered By Workers’ Compensation in California

Depending on the type of injury or illness, workers’ compensation benefits will vary from case to case. Compensation can include:

  • Medical treatment, which includes medications, physical therapy, diagnostic testing, counseling, surgery, and rehabilitation
  • Permanent disability benefits, which are for residual symptoms or physical limitations
  • Temporary disability benefits, which are provided while the employee takes time off work 
  • Benefits for skill retraining
  • Death benefits, provided to an employee’s family in the event of his or her passing

Time Limitations to File a Claim

construction workerThe workers’ compensation system works under strict deadlines that must be followed. Failing to do so can ultimately result in the inability to collect benefits. A worker seeking to file for benefits should report the injuries to his or her employer within 30 days of learning of the injury. Once the employer has been notified of the injury, he or she will have 10 days to report the incident to the company’s insurer. 

Speak to a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in San Diego Today

A workplace accident can cause a life-changing injury, and as a worker in California, the ability to receive compensation for the injury is possible. The process to obtain a fair amount of benefits is challenging, as employers and their insurance companies work aggressively to deny employees the benefits they deserve. If you or a family member has been injured because of a work-related duty, speak to a knowledgeable San Diego workers’ compensation lawyer who can defend your right to the benefits you deserve. 

The San Diego workers’ comp lawyers at Castillo & Associates care about the workforce in California, and serve clients in Chula Vista, National City, North County, San Marcos, Oceanside, Escondido, San Ysidro and even in Tijuana. With a strong commitment to help injured workers obtain the benefits they need to make a full recovery, the law firm works tirelessly to advocate for workers by using all resources available to them. 

Following a workplace injury, many workers face serious financial challenges in addition to physical pain and anguish. As a result, the attorneys at Castillo & Associates work diligently to help injured workers through the complicated workers’ compensation claims process. If you were injured while at work, take immediate action and speak to an attorney who can advocate on your behalf. With the support of a skilled attorney, you can maximize your benefits. Consider hiring an attorney at the Castillo & Associates law firm and obtain a free consultation by contacting us today. 

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