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City of San Diego Dog Bite Attorneys

dog bite

When a dog bites a person, the owner can be held responsible for the victim’s injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there are approximately 800,000 Americans that seek medical care each year as a result of dog bite attacks. Regrettably, among the most vulnerable are young children, who account for nearly 50 percent of the total cases.

When a dog is not properly restrained or has somehow escaped from its home, the pet owner can face accountability when the dog bites an unsuspecting person. Unbeknownst to many, dog bites can lead to serious injuries, which can result in expensive medical costs. After a dog bite attack, obtaining proficient legal counsel is imperative. 

Compensation in the Aftermath of a Dog Bite is Necessary – Obtain Professional Legal Support

Attorney Domingo Castillo has been in the insurance claims industry for more than 30 years and has successfully handled thousands of cases for insurance carriers such as Cigna, Allstate and more. Having brought justice to more than 10,000 clients, the attorneys at Castillo & Associates excel in their respective field. Consider obtaining a free case evaluation by contacting the firm today. 

Damages Available Following a Dog Bite Attack

If you are seeking to file a personal injury claim in the aftermath of a dog bite attack, there are various damages you may be eligible for. Depending on the facts of your unique case, some of the damages you may be awarded include:

  • Reimbursement for past medical expenses associated with the injury, such as the need for emergency medical treatment and medication
  • Compensation for future medical treatment, such as the need for a future surgery, at-home treatment, rehabilitation, and physical therapy
  • Reimbursement for the loss of financial earnings and work benefits, which are lost as a consequence of the inability to return to work while in recovery
  • Compensation for the loss of earning capacity, which can result in the event of a permanent incapacity
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Compensation for the loss of quality of life 

In some cases, dog bite victims can collect punitive damages. Although rare, punitive damages are awarded when the owner’s egregious actions or behaviors led to the accident. For example, if the dog owner is found to have trained the animal for dog fighting, punitive damages may be attainable.

Establish Liability Following a Dog Bite

In order to recover compensation, the following elements must be demonstrated:

  1. The accused party owned the dog; 
  2. The victim was bitten by the dog; 
  3. The victim was legally in the property where the incident took place; and
  4. The dog bite resulted in the victim’s injuries and damages. 

Sources of Financial Recovery

In the State of California, dog owners are held strictly accountable when their pet bites an unsuspecting person. Unless the victim provoked the attack, he or she will have legal grounds to file a claim against the dog owner. Additionally,  a dog owner’s responsibility is not based on the aggressive tendencies of the dog, the dog’s breed, or the dog’s history of attacks. Regardless, the dog owner will be held accountable for the attack.

It is important to note that the general liability provisions of the pet owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the dog bite expenses, but there are certain breeds that are usually not covered by the policy. This is because certain breeds are typically considered to have tendencies for aggressive behavior. Regardless, compensation for the injuries may be attainable. 

Throughout the United States, dogs are beloved pets and are often treated as part of the family. Unexpectedly and unprovoked, however, a dog can become agitated and bite an unsuspecting person. When this happens, it is important to seek medical attention and the support of a qualified personal injury attorney straightaway. 

The personal injury attorneys at Castillo & Associates are committed to helping victims obtain compensation following a dog bite attack. The law firm has exceptional experience in handling some of the most challenging dog bite cases in California, and serve clients in Chula Vista, National City, North County, San Marcos, Oceanside, Escondido, San Ysidro and even in Tijuana, which can usually result when the dog was being handled by a person who was not the owner. 

Nevertheless, in the wake of a dog bite attack, monetary compensation is needed to cover the costs of the bite. If you were recently injured by a dog, contact the legal support of a skilled attorney as soon as possible. Consider obtaining the legal support of the attorneys at Castillo & Associates. Contact the law firm today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.     

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