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Workplace Injury Attorneys Serving Hemet, Ca

Years of dedicated experience fighting for the rights of injured workers.

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Castillo & Associates are highly experienced workers’ compensation lawyers serving Hemet, CA. Todos hablamos Español.

The State of California requires most companies and employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance in the event that an employee suffers an injury, ailment, or accident while on the job. Although workers’ compensation insurance coverage is mandated for a vast majority of employers, many of them will refuse to pay injured workers the compensation and benefits they need to completely heal. Employees can sometimes be led to believe that due to their medical history or records, they do not qualify for full workers’ compensation coverage. 

Filing a workers’ compensation can be a difficult process and many injured workers are often denied coverage or receive undervalued benefits. If you or someone you love was injured while on the job, obtain the legal assistance of a well-versed workers’ compensation who can help you through the claims process. An attorney with the right skills and experience will ensure maximum compensation is secured. 

Dedicated Legal Experience in Workplace Injury Cases

The workplace injury attorneys at Castillo & Associates, have been advocating on behalf of injured workers throughout Southern California for many years. The firm has encountered every form of work-related incidents, including stress injuries, developed illnesses, and repetitive motion injuries. 

If you have been injured while at work, and are looking to file a workers’ compensation claim or have filed a claim and have been denied benefits, consider obtaining the assistance of Castillo & Associates. The firm is prepared to fully investigate your case and fight for your right to the highest compensation available. To schedule a no-obligation consultation with the dedicated legal team at Castillo & Associates, consider calling (951) 552-9181 or fill out the completely private online contact form today. 

Injuries That Can Be Covered By Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When it has been determined that a worker has been injured while on the job, the employer’s insurer will then decide what type of injury was sustained. Workplace injuries do not have to be caused by a sudden accident in order to be covered by the insurance. Injuries caused by repeated physical motions can also be covered by workers’ compensation insurance when the injury has been associated with a work-related performance. 

According to the California Labor Code § 3208.1, injuries can be either (a) “specific”, which means it occurred as a consequence of one accident or exposure that caused the disability or the need for medical care; or (b) “cumulative”, meaning it occurred as a result of a repetitive mental or physical traumatic activity that extended over time, was the combined effect that causes disability or the need for medical care. 

The common types of injuries workers commonly suffer as a result of work include:

1. Specific Injuries

Specific injuries are those that have occurred at a definite time and in a definite place. Common examples of specific injuries include, but are not limited to:

    • Falling off a stairwell, which resulted in a broken leg;
    • Lifting a heavy tool, which resulted in a sprained back; or
    • Being involved in a vehicle accident, which resulted in head trauma. 

2. Cumulative Traumas

Cumulative traumas are commonly referred to as “repetitive injuries”. These injuries occur over time and are usually the result of repetitive action or exposure to a harmful substance. Common cumulative injuries occur as a result of the following:

    • The repetitive use of a computer keyboard can result in the carpal tunnel syndrome; 
    • The constant exposure to a toxin or chemical can result in a respiratory medical issue or cancer; or
    • The constant lifting of heavy objects can result in back problems.

3. Emotional or Psychiatric Injuries

Workers can also file a claim for the suffering of emotional or mental injuries as a result of working in a stressful workplace. Based on the state’s Labor Code § 3208.3, however, there are complex criteria the worker will need to meet before this form of injury is compensable. Furthermore, workers may also file a claim when their emotional or mental injury occurred as a result of the physical injury that occurred at the workplace. 

Obtain the Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Deserve After a Workplace Injury

If you have sustained a specific injury, have developed a cumulative injury, or an emotional or mental injury, you should obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. A knowledgeable attorney will help you determine what benefits are available to you based on your type of injury. Additionally, a well-versed attorney will advocate on your behalf when your employer or their insurance carrier is refusing to pay you the benefits you deserve. 

Castillo & Associates is a law firm with exceptional legal experience handling a variety of workers’ compensation cases. For many years, the firm has advocated on behalf of injured workers, helping them receive the compensation and benefits they needed to achieve a full recovery. For a no-obligation consultation with Castillo & Associates, consider dialing (951) 552-9181 or fill out the online contact form here

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